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    OGO Points FAQ and Support

    • The most common question we get regarding points, is how do I sign up? Watch the quick video below for a walk-through.

    • The next most common question that we get regarding points, is how do I use my points? Watch the following video for more information on that.

    • I have more points than what the Rewards system allows me to use. Can I use more than 1 code during checkout to remedy this?
    • First, no you cannot use multiple codes during checkout. However if you contact us via Facebook, email, or by phone, we can go in and check your rewards account to verify your point total. Then deduct the corresponding number of points with the discount amount that you would like to use and give you a discount code to use during checkout for that amount.
    • I would like to donate my points to a new official, or another official in need of some help. Can I do that?
    • Yes, you can most definitely do that. You will need to contact us via Facebook, email, or by phone with your email address and the other officials email address. We will then verify your points balance and transfer the requested number of points over to the other official from your account.